Why Xbox Scorpio Was Announced Now Rather than Later

Microsoft dropped big news after big news in the E3 2016 event. On the first day, they’ve already confirmed rumors about a smaller Xbox One called the “Xbox One S”. Shortly thereafter, they also confirmed another rumor about a new and powerful game console in the form of the “Xbox Scorpio”.

Now, the Xbox Scorpio is slated to be released next year at around the fourth quarter, possibly even the holidays season. It is a surprise to me and every other fan in the event why Microsoft opted to announce the upcoming game console now rather than E3 2017.

Phil Spencer, one of the big bosses in Microsoft and Xbox, said that they did what was, for them, good for the public.

They wanted to make sure that the public knows that they are currently working on a much more powerful game console.

They want to be as transparent as possible and they want people to be ready when the Xbox Scorpio hit the market.

It was reported that the Xbox Scorpio is 4 times more powerful than the current Xbox One. This is so that the game console can handle 4K gaming.

The complete specifications of the upcoming game console haven’t been fully disclosed yet but Phil Spencer said that it does have six teraflops of power.

He also goes on to say that to fully enjoy the Xbox Scorpio, the gamer must have a 4K resolution TV or monitor.

That being said, I think that this move by Microsoft helps not only them but also the general public.

You see, getting a 4K TV is a luxury as it is still expensive up to this day. Furthermore, if the Xbox Scorpio is purported to be four times more powerful than the current generation Xbox game console, then it should cost more than the Xbox One.

I also think that what they’ve done is actually a good thing since then, game developers will be enticed to create a 4K resolution game for the upcoming game console.

So, if you think of getting an Xbox Scorpio next year, you have to invest not only in the upcoming game console and its lineup of games but you also have to invest in a good 4K monitor.

Don’t forget that Microsoft will be releasing the smaller Xbox One S this coming August. It is also a bit more powerful than the current Xbox One.

You can play Blu-ray discs, it also supports 4K resolution, and it has the HDR technology for high-quality and vivid images.

In the E3 event, they’ve shown a trailer that showcased the slimmer Xbox One. It comes in white and it looks absolutely sleek and stylish.

Furthermore, it will come in a 2TB variant and it will also have a handy magnetic stand so that you can display the game console vertically.

I think that Microsoft will have a bright future in the next 3-5 years, especially considering that they will be introducing their Xbox Play Anywhere System.

The Xbox One S will be released this August while the Xbox Scorpio will be released in the fourth quarter of 2017.