Why Did Microsoft Ditch Handheld Gaming?

Microsoft is a tech giant as they not only have a very competitive operating system but they also have one of the best game consoles in the market today.

With the emergence of the Xbox One S and the future of console gaming in the form of the Xbox Scorpio, one would think that Microsoft did the right thing by joining the console gaming industry.

Microsoft is not only a great tech giant but it also went toe-to-toe with two of the best game console companies, Nintendo and Sony.

Both Sony and Nintendo already have their own line of portable gaming devices and a lot of people are wondering why Microsoft didn’t enter the fray.

Just recently, former Xbox Officer, Robbie Bach, revealed some information as to why the tech giant didn’t venture into the portable game console business.

According to Bach, Microsoft and their team of developers did have the idea of creating their own line of portable gaming console devices.

In fact, the company ventured into the idea many times. They even have strange names for it like the “Xboy” or anything with an X in the beginning.

But, like every major company, they had to make decisions and their decision of ditching the handheld gaming industry was actually one of their best decisions yet.

When asked why Microsoft ditched the idea of handheld gaming, Bach said that they focused their efforts on the Xbox 360 (because that was the time when the company thought of releasing portable gaming consoles).

Bach also went on to say that the company just didn’t have a lot of “bandwidth” to focus on many things. That is why the company just focused on their main game consoles and it turned out to be a success as the Xbox 360 game console was considered one of the best game consoles at that time.

Lastly, Bach was also happy that the company steered clear from portable game consoles because of the emergence of Mobile phone gaming.

You see, mobile phone gaming cannot be ignored and thanks to the recent success of Pokemon Go, it is undeniably one of the most legitimate gaming platforms today.

Since Microsoft has ditched every idea of a handheld gaming device, they can now focus their efforts on improving their new game consoles.

The Xbox Scorpio, according to Xbox’s director Phil Spencer, is “one of the best game consoles to date”.

The company is still silent about the real specifications of the upcoming game console but fans are assuming that the Xbox Scorpio will have VR support and 4K resolution support since most of the gaming companies nowadays focus on those two technologies.

Furthermore, Microsoft can go the innovative route and actually create their own unique controller, for example.

There is still more than 12 months to wait for the Xbox Scorpio but since the company has focused their efforts on their flagship game consoles, I am pretty sure that the Xbox Scorpio will not disappoint.