Pillars of Eternity

Baldur’s gate is probably one of the best PC RPG games of all time. I’ve played Baldur’s gate 2 which was touted to be the best in the series and I will have to agree; it is one of the best games I’ve ever played.

Now, Obsidian software, makers of the iconic Baldur’s gate game, didn’t release a specific Baldur’s gate title in many years.

Many fans were clamoring for a new game in the franchise because well, who doesn’t want to have a new game in an already successful series.

Obsidian software responded that they will not create a new Baldur’s gate game in the near future. Instead, they’re going to create a game that is the spiritual successor, Pillars of Eternity.

The story begins in the world of Eora. The player’s character arrives at a place called Dyrwood which is a former colony of the Aedyr empire.

Upon their arrival, the player’s caravan was hit by a sudden storm, killing everyone but the player character.

The player character rushes towards a cave where he/she witnesses a group of cultists performs a ritual. Apparently, these cultists used some form of a machine that can strip the souls out of someone’s body.

During the ritual, the player character was immersed with the souls’ energies and thus, turns the player into a “Watcher”. A watcher is a person who can read souls.

It was believed that a soul has fragments of memories from their past life. It was also believed that a soul can just reincarnate into a new body, but that the memories will be erased.

Having Watcher abilities may seem cool on the surface, but this very power can turn them into madmen.

The player is set out to seek the cultists and reverse or undo the effects of the watcher’s curse.

Apparently, Dyrwood suffers from a curse known as the Hollowborn plague. Some newborn babies in the village will have no souls at birth, leaving them in a vegetative state.

It was then later found out that this was due to a cult called as the “Leaden Key” who is led by an evil priest who calls himself Thaos.

The player character must amass his own party of heroes in order to defeat Thaos and free Dyrwood from this plague.

The Pillars of Eternity is a PC game that has an almost similar playstyle to Baldur’s gate. The game has a unique real-time-with-pause tactical gameplay in which a player can control up to 4 characters.

Since the game is challenging, you can pause the game in order to recalibrate your party members to do whatever it is that you want. Don’t just move them mindlessly, however, as enemies are quick to punish people who do not have a robust strategy in play.

Since this is an RPG game, Pillars of Eternity also has tons of side quests that you can do. I suggest doing some of them as they are really entertaining and rewarding at the same time.

If you love Baldur’s gate and you want to play a game that has a near-similar style of play, then I highly urge you to play Pillars of Eternity.