EROVER – the amazing mini hoverboard Segway

The EROVER hoverboard is one of the best hoverboards available in the market now. Since this mini hoverboard is made of the best quality materials and ensures an exciting riding experience to the users there is a continued upward trend in the sale of this model. Along with the hoverboard a charger is also provided. When compared to the other Segways the EROVER is much easier to ride and the majority of users reported that the device is highly intuitive. The two gyroscopes that are provided in this hoverboard balance the Segway thereby making it easy to ride. The safety as well as comfort ensured by this electric scooter makes it a suitable hoverboard for people of all age groups. The two motors enable this scooter to move at a speed of 10 mph.

Why EROVER stands out?

EROVER comes in eight different colors so that the buyers can choose the hoverboard according to their color preferences. While most of the other hoverboards are of dull colors EROVER comes in stunning colors. The availability of EROVER in a variety of colors makes it distinctive among all other hoverboards in the market. Another outstanding aspect of EROVER is that the new users of this mini hoverboard are able to learn to ride this hoverboard just within minutes. Once they have learnt to ride this scooter, they enjoy the ride as a fun since it is so easy, smooth and comfortable to ride on this mini hoverboard Segway. The rider has to do just one task – tilt his feet in the direction in which he wants to move and he will be taken forward by the hoverboard.

The battery

Those who go through the EROVER reviews will find that the battery of this hoverboard is highlighted in all the reviews. The battery gets fully charged within 2 hours. When the road is flat and smooth the battery lasts for the longest duration. Normally, with a single battery charge the EROVER travels up to 16 kms. However, it depends on the speed, total running weight, riding style and terrain. This Lithium Ion battery is of 36 Volts and 4 amperes.

The best choice for beginners

For those who are riding mini Segways for the first time, EROVER is the best option for them. This hoverboard Segway is very cheap and it costs about $300. This hoverboard provides all the features that are provided by the high priced Segways. Those who buy the EROVER hoverboard Segway directly from the manufacturers are entitled to the best deal. EROVER was identified as one among the most popular mini hoverboards available in the market during 2015. Those who bought this mini hoverboard had no regrets and they were highly impressed with its quality, performance and ease of use.

Pros and Cons of EROVER

Among the various types of hoverboards, EROVER ensures maximum value for the money paid by the users. The protective bumpers ensure the hoverboard the fresh appearance always. Availability of EROVER in 8 stunning colors is another great attraction. This hoverboard is highly intuitive and is very easy to ride. The battery is fast charging as well as long lasting. EROVER comes with proven warranty.

Unlike some other models of hoverboards the users of EROVER cannot stream videos or music from this hoverboard since it is not integrated with Bluetooth. Just like other hoverboards EROVER cannot be used during rain or snowfall.